Product Details

Style- Elk11(Floral), Yarn- 100% Acrylic (1/32), GG- 12gg, Especiality- All over print

Style- RA-SC-01, Yarn- 100% Acrylic 2/32, GG- 7gg, Especiality- 1×1 Rib inside plated

Style- H/gloves, Yarn- 100%cotton Melango 2/40, GG- 12gg, Especiality- All over Nylon Spanpex Plated

Style- MR BEAN BOY, Yarn- 100% cotton, GG- 12gg, Especiality- Two color twested yarn

Style- Cusco Embroidery Sweater, Yarn- 50%cotton 50% Acrylic (2/20), GG- 7gg, Especiality- All over embroidery

Style- Mini Alice Hood, Yarn- 100%cotton (Neeps) 2/32, GG- 12gg, Especiality- Kangaroo pocket with hoody

Style- Kids Gloves, Yarn-100% cotton like 2/32, Especiality- Jaequad knit with inside Fleece attached

Style- Kids cap, Yarn- 100% Acrylic 2/32 with Nylon plated, GG- 12gg, Especiality- With pom pom Attached

Style-, Yarn- 50% compact cotton (2/32), GG- 12gg, Especiality- Vertical stripe with warp knitting

Style- 520.10.909.17.170, Yarn- 100%Acrylic (2/32 ) and 100%cotton (2/32), GG- 7gg, Especiality- Allover slanted structure

Style- CMK 16, Especiality-Argyle structure in front part, Yarn-100% cotton  (2/32), GG-12gg

Style- 40.903.61.2595, Especiality-Jacquard Intersia in sleeve, Yarn-100% cotton (Mel) 2/32, GG-12gg

Style- 40.909.61.2670, Especiality-Inside reactive print, Yarn-100%Acrylic 2/32, GG-12gg

Style-LB 246, Especiality-Slanted stripe with all over jacquard knit, Yarn-100% Acr mohir like. GG-7gg 01 ply

Style- 40.801.61.1112, Especiality-CPD (Cold  figment due), Yarn-100%cotton (Row 2/32), GG-12gg

Style- A09-19, Especiality-Bow tye attached garment, Yarn-100% Acr (2/32), GG-12gg


Style- ELK 11, Especiality-All over print, Yarn-100% Acr, GG-12gg


Style- EMK 840, Especiality-Jersey & lace attached with open cardigan, Yarn-100% Acr (2/32), GG-12gg

Style-Spencer Woven  mix, Especiality-Fabric attached in bottom area, Yarn-100% Acr a/p yarn woven- 100% viscose (2/32), GG-7gg

Style- PGK- 597, Especiality- Knitting Twist, Yarn-100% Acr marl (2/32), GG-5gg

Style- Print Cardi, Especiality-All over Print, Yarn-100% Acr (2/36), GG-12gg 1 Ply

Style- ELK- 782, Especiality- Twist yarn with solid stripe, Yarn-100% Acr (2/36), GG-12gg

Style- HMK- 893, Especiality- Open cardi with button, Yarn- 100% Acr (2/32),GG-12gg 1ply

Style- CRK- 388, Especiality-All over Jacquar knit, Yarn- 85% Acr 15% wool (2/32), GG- 5gg

Style- ELK -1053, Especiality- All over jacquard zig zag knit, Yarn-100% Acr (2/32), GG- 7gg

Style- ELK -2004, Especiality- Ladies collar attached sweater, Yarn- 100% Acr (2/32) Fabric-100% cotton, GG- 7gg

Style- JPK-140, Especiality- Mens collar attached sweater, Yarn-100% Acr (2/36) Lugan quality, GG- 12gg 1 ply